Co-operatives and International Development News

“Co-operatives in Social Development” : This United Nations paper discusses the socio-economic impact of co-operatives and the desirability of proclaiming an International Year of Co-operatives. It is also a useful source of information for general statistics on the co-operative movement.

The Cooperative Facility for Africa has a really useful selection of working papers which can be viewed and downloaded here. Titles include:

  • Reinventing the wheel? African cooperatives in a liberalized economic environment
  • Enterprise future lies in cooperation – Entrepreneur Cooperatives in Africa
  • African cooperatives and the financial crisis
  • Social economy approaches to mainstreaming HIV/AIDS – the case of the Kasojetua Youth Group
  • Fair Trade – Fair Futures: The Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union scholarship programme for Orphan and Vulnerable Children made vulnerable by AIDS
  • Cooperatives in Africa: The age of reconstruction – synthesis of a survey in nine African countries
  • Surviving liberalization: the cooperative movement in Kenya
  • Bearing the brunt of liberalized economy: A performance review of the cooperative movement in Zambia

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