Sir Thomas Boughey High School OFSTED

Congratulations to Sir Thomas Boughey High School in Stoke-on-Trent, one of the first Co-operative Business & Enterprise Specialist Colleges in the UK, on its Ofsted success.

February’s inspection found STB to be “an outstanding school that constantly strives for excellence in all it does”. The report notes that the school’s specialism of business studies and the Co-operative movement’s support “chime with its ethos of equality, fairness and sustainability”.

Ofsted also links the school’s involvement in the co-operative movement to community cohesion and strong local, national and international links, saying: “It is part of all the school does, and ranges widely from, for example, supporting local families in need; to providing information communication and technology support to local primary schools; to developing friendship links with a mainly Muslim school in
Manchester and working with partners in Lesotho.”

The report praises the embedding of “practices of fair trade and sustainability”, which “reinforce strong moral and social understanding” and mentions the development of ASDAN and ‘Cope’ programmes as a way of ensuring students who “would not traditionally gain a qualification do so”.

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