Fair and Square: Ethical Shopping Matters

The end of the Fair and Square project has been marked by the publication of Fair and Square: Ethical shopping matters. The book contains articles on being an ethical shopper, creating a fair, healthy and sustainable food system and tackling poverty.

Additionally, the book considers the effect of cows on the environment, looks at co-operative local responses to the food security debate and explains how The Co-operative is sourcing ethically produced fish.

Fair and Square: Ethical shopping matters also features an interview with the chairman of the Kilimanjaro Native Co-operative Union, a Palestinian case study and an article on improving the lives of women workers in East Africa.

Introduced by Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operativesUK, contributors include Ruth Rosselson of Ethical Consumer magazine, Geoff Tansey, Laura Vickery and Colin Baines from The Co-operative Group, Rachel English from Manchester Metropolitan University, Samantha Lacey, Rebecca Forecast and Ruth Bergan from the Co-operative College, Leonie Nimmo of Olive Co-operative, Helen Rimmer of Friends of the Earth, Sarah Alldred of Co-operativesUK and Adam York from Unicorn grocery. Illustrations are by Janis Goodman. The publication is available both as hard copy and to download.

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I would like to download fair and Square: Ethical Shopping Matters. Could you let me know how this can be done? Steve Thompson


Coop mvts is new in Rwanda and we are behind to others


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