Vocational Learning Success

The College is delighted that during the last year over 100 learners have achieved
NVQ qualifications at Levels 2 and 3 and a further 70+ have been successful in national tests for the Certificates in Adult Literacy and Adult Numeracy.

Vocational Learning is providing opportunities for the College to work in partnership with employers in the co-operative and mutual sectors, helping them to address skills gaps and performance issues within their workforce.

For many of the learners, working towards a qualification has presented them with an unexpected return to learning which has helped build their confidence and stimulated interest in further personal and professional development.

The College is now approved to offer NVQs in a wide range of subjects including retail, warehousing, logistics, management, business administration and customer services.

Work continues developing vocational qualifications of generic interest within the sector and bespoke, ‘customised’ qualifications. In order to do this, Curriculum and
Learning is building up an infrastructure to ensure effective partnerships, working closely with sector skills councils, qualification awarding bodies, professional associations, members and individual co-operative businesses.

Changes will be taking place in the way the College delivers its programmes, providing a much more learner-centred approach with individual support and guidance provided by learning mentors. Details and developments will be reported in future issues of Learning Matters.

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