The Co-operative College researching dedicated co-operative development fund

The research team at the Co-operative College is currently undertaking research on behalf of Co-operative Financial Services in the UK into co-operatives in the developing world to understand their current financing needs and to assess whether there would be demand to borrow from a dedicated co-operative development fund. Such a fund would draw investors from co-operatives in the developed world to distribute funds, by way of repayable loans, to co-operatives in the developing world. Over the next month, researchers from the College will be contacting co-operatives around the world to assess the level of demand for such a fund.

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Iam a field officer with Uganda cooperative savings and credit union limited; the apex organisation of all SACCOs in Uganda. How can our organisation participate in this study?


There is a sorry need for the Enugu State Co-operative Federation in Nigeria. I am involved in Co-operative Development amongst immigrant communities now resident in the isle of Ireland and northern Ireland. I am originally from Enugu State of Nigeria. I happened to have visited home and was opportuned to visit the co-operative federation and I discovered that they are in a very deplorable situation and seriously require urgent international assistance. When I learnt of the research team in the Co-operative College; I became very excited since i believe that they should please direct their attention to the Co-operative Federation of Enugu State of Nigeria.


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