Obama blogger speaks of social media opportunities for co-operative movement

International Year of Co-operatives logoThe global co-operative movement should embrace new technology and social media to spread the word about co-operative online during 2012, International Year of Co-operatives (IYC), recommended Barack Obama’s Blogger-in-chief.

Sam Graham-Felson, President Obama’s Chief Campaigner Blogger, ran the main campaign job during Obama’s 2008 election campaign. The BBC called the internet ‘key to Obama victories’ in the presidential race. The new media team recognised the power of ordinary people and used technology to help them organise. Nearly $500 million was raised online, mostly in small donations – two thirds of all campaign funds raised – and by the end of the campaign Obama’s team had 13 million people on their email list, by far the longest list in political history.

Speaking at the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)’s General Assembly in Cancun, Mexico in Novemer, Graham-Felson also recognised the opportunity for the co-operative movement to harness the potential of young people calling for change and looking for a different way, as exemplified by the recent Occupy movement demonstrations around the world. He told co-operators: “This is your moment – go with it and make the most of it.”

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