Two Ticks for the College

Here at the College we’ve now held the “two ticks” – positive about disabled people – symbol for a whole year and have just had our first progress visit from Jobcentre Plus.

Using the symbol demonstrates the College’s commitment to employing, and keeping in employment, people with disabilities.

Throughout January I worked on preparing the review of the College’s progress on disability in 2011, and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.  Although the College is small in staff numbers, it offers some staff benefits that are more likely to be found in a large organisation.  These benefits include permanent health insurance and a rehabilitation advice service for staff who have been on sick leave for a long time, to help them to re-adjust to work on their return.

During 2011 we also produced a fact sheet on disability and surveyed colleagues to find out how much they knew about the support available from the College should they become disabled.

I’m pleased to say that Jobcentre Plus approved our use of the “two ticks” symbol for another year and we will be displaying it proudly wherever possible.

Two Ticks Symbol - Positive about Disabled People
Two Ticks Symbol

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