Bee-Have! 23rd April Outreach Project take off!

The outreach team from the Rochdale Pioneers Museum were buzzing around Rochdale on Monday 23rd April with eight local primary schools at St Marys Church in the Baum. The theme for the day – Bees!

The students were introduced Project Bee-have! A co-operative project that encourages us to work together to make Rochdale the place to be for bees!

Each school received wildflower seeds to plant in their schools grounds, gardens and plant pots to help keep our local bee population happy.

Over the summer months the schools will plant the seeds and maintain them as they grow, they will also document the effect that the flowers have on the bees and the areas that they plant them in.

Artwork, science projects, stories, photography and film, or any approach a student wishes to take, will be displayed at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum in the autumn.

On the day …

Students had a go at a variety of co-operative challenges during the Bee-have! event last week. They worked together to tackle giant jigsaws, huge co-operative collages, building bridges, colouring in, “Bee like Me” where students learned all about bee keeping, word-searches, honey tasting and most importantly had the chance to dress up as a bee and have their faces painted by our very talented bee-painter Heather!

The day was an absolute blast with lots of happy buzzing bees making the most of being in such a beautiful church! There will be a film of the event available and more information on its way!

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