I’ll txt u l8r

The material in the archive is fascinating.  I can see the progression of everyday items throughout the years with some of the artefacts and documents that we care for.  One of my favourite things to come across is communications and technology documents and machines throughout the ages.  So, where did texting start?

There was telegrams and faxing which I knew about.  But what on earth is a Telex?

Back in the day, international communications was a pain.  With something as global as the Co-operative Movement, how did co-operatives co-operate?  Especially the International Co-operative Alliance!  So, where there’s a will, there’s a way and out came Telex machines.

Going through some files in the archive I came across a few Telex messages, and I had to Google it.  It seems to be what would happen if a phone, a typewriter and fax machine had a baby.  It looks like this:

Telex message

It seems to come out in a reel and you separate the different messages and send them to whomever they concern.

I wonder how we will be communicating another two decades from now?

You should see some of the old calculators!  They take up the entire desk!

Last year I had to explain what a cassette tape was to a teenager!  NO!!

What do you remember using when you started work?

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