Staffordshire schools celebrate forming The Chase Co-operative Learning Trust

Celebrations at the launch of The Chase Co-operative Learning TrustChildren, staff and parent volunteers travelled from Western Springs Primary School, Rugeley, to Moorhill Primary School, Cannock, to celebrate becoming The Chase Co-operative Learning Trust. Students took part in Science, D&T, Art, PE and Maths activities, presented in stimulating and exciting ways. They also had the opportunity to take time out to meet and greet each other socially and to share lunchtime. Moorhill’s Year 6 students calculated quantities and costs of ice cream treats as part of their Maths SATS preparations!

The inaugural meeting of The Chase Co-operative Learning Trust took place at the same time, giving Trust members the opportunity to be included.

The Trust comprises very strong partners and both Headteachers, Shirley Wellings and Sandra Peck, are delighted with Trust plans for the future. Partners include South Staffordshire College, which will be providing courses for parents, especially those to help them support their children; Wolverhampton University, which will continue to work with both schools to develop mathematical skills; and The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, which will continue to support the schools’ environmental projects.

Staff from Pye Green Valley Primary will join with both schools to work on curriculum matters, including the National Revised Curriculum. Wednesbury Learning Community Trust schools are also networking with Moorhill and Western Springs, and as this is an established Trust, it brings with it much experience and expertise.

Cannock Chase District Council is most supportive of the Trust and works with both schools to develop projects in the localities to benefit both children and families, which in turn enables the children to focus on their educational studies.

The Co-operative College has extensive experience in helping to found and organise the network of co-operative schools, of which the schools are now members. The co-operative movement will help bring a global dimension to the school and assist in extending existing national and international links.

The students will all become members of the co-operative society and will have the opportunity to contribute to decision making and planning for their futures.

See photos of the celebrations here.

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