We either all win or we all loose

We don’t often get a chance to all meet up for a social event outside of work so any excuse is welcomed.

On Thursday we decided to have a game of Co-oply an alternative to Monopoly and  which had taken ages to get shipped from the USA.

Steve and I decided that it would perhaps be a good idea to read the rules before the game started.

The game looked fantastic and we couldn’t wait for the game to start.

It was very simple to follow with each player (we split into groups) being given a role card, which included how much money they had, their cost of living and how many children they had. We had 3 children, 53 points and our cost of living was 23 points a year.

Other groups had more points some had less.

Each player (or groups in our case) had to roll the dice and move the marker along to the symbol which indicated which card you had to pick up. Hands meant work, which meant you had to do tasks such as Drawing, Charades or unspoken which was a word guessing game.. Some of  the acting from the staff for the charades were hilarious.

Once the team had guessed the answer correctly the whole co-operative received the points.

Other cards such as the resource cards meant that the co-operative needed to make collective decisions about what it would like to do. For example if the co-operative wanted to pay out for insurance which would protect it against any disasters from the world cards.

World cards made the co-operative decide what to collectively – by either using the co-operatives points or individual points to help situations such as tornados, earthquakes etc.

The challenge cards presented hurdles and opportunities for our co-operative.

When we passed payday the co-operative paid the players a 12 point wage.

If the co-operative went bankrupt the whole team lost

The game was fantastic, we decided to set up another co-operative in our local community  just before the end of the year.

You could play the game for as long as you wanted until the co-operative goes bankrupt.

The game was fantastic and much more fun than the original monopoly game.

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