The future of farming and agricultural co-operatives

Farming and agricultural co-operatives were in the spotlight on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today last week. The weekly edition of the programme investigated in how co-operatives in the UK, Europe and the world can improve the future for farmers.

“Farming business structures are changing. Co-operatives have a big role to play in the long term future of our industry,” said Jim Paice, Minister for Agriculture. Around 150,000 farmers are members of a co-operative in the UK, said David Button, chairman of Co-operatives UK, which have an annual turnover of 4.5 billion pounds.

Farming Today also focused on farming co-operatives in the Netherlands – where almst 90% of farmers are members of a co-operative – to learn how UK farmers can get more control of their milk prices by working together.

The programme can be listened on BBC iPlayer for a limited time:

Farming Today  This Week (01/09/2012). Listen. Download podcast.

Farming Today (28/08/2012). Listen. Download podcast.

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