#coopedconf: Research on schools and young people

Students at the College’s 2014 Learning Together conference.In recent years, an increasing body of research has examined co-operative education in the context of schools and young people, from co-operative models for schools to co-operative teaching and pedagogy to co-operative livelihoods for young people.

This area of research will feature strongly in the Co-operative College’s Co-operative Education Conference, with presentations led both by practitioners and academics.

Day one of the conference, on Thursday 21 April, will feature a strand on co-operative schools. Papers throughout the day will focus on different aspects of co-operative schools, from Academies to engagement, and will include: a presentation of research into leadership in a co-operative Trust; the development of a collaborative research group among co-operative schools in the South West; potential models for the transformation of education systems; and a case study of a UK co-operative society working alongside a co-operative school to support co-operative development in Lesotho. Other papers will reach beyond the UK to explore school co-operatives in South Korea, and lessons that can be learnt from co-operative schools in Brazil. Additionally, Dr Sally Hartley will present her work on youth co-operatives in Africa.

Day two, meanwhile, on Friday 22 April, will take more of a practical focus. Sessions will include: a celebration of co-operative youth organisation the Woodcraft Folk in its 90th anniversary year; young people learning about co-operation through social action projects; and a panel discussion on the future development of the co-operative schools sector.

Places, along with bursaries, are still available and can be booked online at www.co-op.ac.uk/coopedconf/register-conference. The full programme for the conference, which will take place at Manchester Metropolitan University, is also now available to view online at www.co-op.ac.uk/coopedconf/programme.

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