Revisiting the Co-operative Women’s Challenge

In 2011, the Co-operative Women’s Challenge was launched, with the aim of ensuring that women are fairly represented at all levels of co-operative businesses.

Five years on, the Co-operative College is working with Co-operatives UK to put women’s issues and challenges back in the spotlight, and ensure women’s continued visibility in the co-operative movement.
Natalie Bradbury, Information Co-ordinator at the College, is interviewing women at all stages in their careers, and from diverse sectors of the co-operative movement, asking what, if anything, has changed in the past five years and whether the challenges remain the same. As well as listening to women’s experiences, and gauging what it means to be a woman in a co-operative, she is seeking examples of best practice and suggestions of what the co-operative movement can do to support, encourage and empower women, and develop them as professionals, members and leaders.
Highlights from the interviews will be compiled and presented to Co-operatives UK.

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