#coopedconf : Invitation to a Co-operative Afternoon Tea

During day 2 of our annual Co-operative Education and Research Conference the Co-operative Heritage Trust (the National Co-operative Archive and the Rochdale Pioneers Museum) will be giving you a taste of the new upcoming exhibition “Tea and Biscuits.” This will open in Summer 2017 at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum, whilst also travelling to the International Co-operative Alliance Conference in Kuala Lumpur!

Those attending the conference are invited to join us for a co-operative afternoon tea on 6th April at 15.20 – 16.00. Whilst enjoying a traditional afternoon tea, those in attendance will take part in a consultation to explore the social impact of tea. Everyone will have a chance to record their memories and experiences of the role of tea in our histories and identities.

The session will also include a presentation from a member of the Co-operative Group’s Food team, who will giving an overview of their history, and commitment to Fairtrade. They will also share stories of co-operative tea production from around the world!

If you would like to see the full programme for this year’s Co-operative Education & Research Conference 2017, please click here

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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