Are you looking for interactive and creative educational resources to help you deliver engaging training sessions, presentations or workshops about co-operatives?

Membership Engagement provides a variety of activities that help participants to explore the nature of co-operative membership and the ways in which co-operatives can attract new members as well as engage existing ones.


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The pack in the folder includes:

  • A Facilitator’s guide detailing a range of group activities and individual activities for participants.
  • A disk with a short animated film and printable copies of all the learning resources.

… in fact, everything you need to deliver interactive, engaging and informative sessions.

The 5th Principle Toolkit, which is made up of six different units, is based on the fifth co-operative principle of Education, Training and Information, and aims to educate as many people as possible about co-operatives, whether they are members, employed staff or people in the wider community.

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