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Are you feeling daunted by what needs to happen next after establishing your Co-operative Trust?
Getting staff on board?
Sorting Trust board meetings?
Engaging your partners?
Developing a co-operative curriculum?
Recruiting members?
Effectively involving pupils?
Establishing a stakeholder forum?
Communicating with the community?
Putting the co-operative values at the heart of the schools?
Achieving the Co-operative Identity Mark?

This document provides practical guidance about all the above, with key components of each issue considered in detail and illuminated by case studies from co-operative schools around the UK.

Drawing on practitioner experience, it demonstrates what the professional imagination can achieve, when teacher creativity is catalysed by the core values of the co-operative movement.

It is both an inspirational and informative document, which needs to be widely read by all senior leaders, governors, trustees, community representatives, staff and students engaged with developing the co-operative ethos in your Trust.

It will be a huge help to you over the next 18 months.

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20 + copies: £11.95 each + £16.80 (p&p and VAT) — email to enquiry about this

“This is such a useful document that we wanted a copy for each member of SLT, the Trust Board and all our Governors, as well as several copies for the staff room and in the library for pupils to access. The case studies are superb – full of practical ideas, whilst being honest about the challenges.” Tessa Thomas, Head teacher, Ashton Park Co-operative Trust.