Twilight Session: Re-claim your Rochdale – The co-operative approach to positive changes

Rochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale OL12 0NU, United Kingdom
2 November 2017 17:30-19:00

Who is it for?

Our Twilight Sessions are a series of six interactive workshops exploring co-operative solutions to contemporary issues. They’re open to all, so whether you’re a seasoned co-operator or just want to discuss some of societies most pressing challenges, we’d love it if you joined us.  Are you interested in how co-ops can empower young people to take an active part in their communities? If so, this session is the one for you!

You can see all six sessions here, with a huge 33% discount if you choose to book on them all!

What will I learn?

How can young people identify need and change the world around them for the better?
We will be asking attendees to think about what they think needs to change about the places, service and opportunities in Rochdale. We will be talking about the background of Rochdale as a place, how the way it has changed has created as well as answered needs and learn how to identify and respond to needs.
We will be examining ways grassroots organisations have approached making local changes, and how other organisations can get involved in change from the ground up.

How will I learn?

This interactive session will kick off with a short 10 to 15 minute presentation from one of our team followed by a discussion of the issues raised. There will be a variety of imaginative activities to encourage engagement with the issues raised during the session. You’ll also get the opportunity to have your say and listen to the opinions of like-minded people at the workshop.

Meet the tutors

Liz McIvor
Cat Jessop

2 November 2017 17:30-19:00
2nd November to 2nd November 2017
Rochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale OL12 0NU, United Kingdom