Twilight Session: Youth isn’t wasted on the young – co-ops and youth

Co-operative College, Hanover Street, Manchester M60 0AS, United Kingdom
18 January 2018 — 17:30-19:00

Who is it for?

Our Twilight Sessions are a series of interactive workshops exploring co-operative solutions to contemporary issues. They’re open to all, so whether you’re a seasoned co-operator or just want to discuss some of societies most pressing challenges, we’d love it if you joined us. If you’re interested in young people and how we can unlock their potential then this workshop is the one for you.

You can see all six sessions here, with a huge 33% discount if you choose to book on them all!

What will I learn?

It’s not always easy growing up in our society. It’s really important that children and young people are allowed to flourish and to go into the world with the right skills and attitude. The question is: how do we get the most out of young people? This session will look at youth movements and how co-ops can help support and empower young people.

How will I learn?

The interactive session will kick off with a short 10 to 15 minute presentation from one of our team followed by a discussion of the issues raised. You’ll get the opportunity to have your say and listen to the opinions of like-minded people at the workshop.

Meet the tutor

Dylan Wilby

Joe Goddard

18 January 2017 — 17:30-19:00
18th January to 18th January 2018 until 7pm.
Co-operative College, Hanover Street, Manchester M60 0AS, United Kingdom