webcover 5th Principle Toolkit
Are you looking for interactive and creative educational resources to help you deliver engaging training sessions, presentations or workshops about co-operatives?

The 5th Principle Toolkit, which is made up of six different units, is based on the fifth co-operative principle of Education, Training and Information, and aims to educate as many people as possible about co-operatives, whether they are members, employed staff or people in the wider community.

The six units in the series are:

What is a Co-operative 1. What is a Co-operative?
Defines what a co-operative is, provides examples of different kinds of co-operatives from around the world and explores the history of the co-operative movement, from 1844 to the present day.
Values and Principles 2. Values and Principles
Outlines the ICA’s co-operative values and principles and offers a range of interactive games and activities, case studies and discussion sessions to explore them in detail.
Membership Engagement 3. Membership Engagement
Provides a variety of activities that help participants to explore the nature of
co-operative membership and the ways in which co-operatives can attract new members as well as engage existing ones.
Good Governance 4. Good Governance
Encourages participants to explore the challenging concept of co-operative governance by looking at examples of good and bad practice, analysing codes of governance and rulebooks and learning from the values and principles.
Roles and Responsibilities 5. Roles and Responsibilities of Directors
Focuses on the role of co-operative directors and explores their responsibilities and duties within the wider democratic structure of their co-operative.
Monitoring Co-operative Performance 6. Monitoring Co-operative Performance
Considers how co-operatives can best measure, report and respond to their performance, whether it be financial, social or environmental performance.

Each unit is a pack comprising of:

A digital version of the facilitator’s guide with instructions and guidance on all activities A digital version of individual writing activities for participants A disk with a short animated film and all the resources needed for the activities in the pack
facilitatorsguide individual disk

For £125*, you can get your hands on one of these units and will have access to up to thirty-five activities of varying styles and levels, making the toolkit suitable for you to use in your training and education sessions no matter what level of knowledge and experience you are working with.

For £175*, you can get your hands on a hard copy of one of these units and will still have revive the digital versions.

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*Excluding VAT prevailing rate. Posting and packaging fees apply to international deliveries and outside mainland UK. If you want to find out more about your delivery or have any other specific queries regarding the 5th Principle Toolkit, please contact  learning@co-op.ac.uk or call 0161 819 3013.