With your help we are able to continue our work in some of the most deprived areas of UK and across the globe. Your donations will allow us to deliver projects such as the ones below and will make a real difference to those involved

Rebuilding the Co-operative Movement in Sri Lanka

After the 2004 Tsunami and the end of the devastating Civil War, UK Co-operators generously gave money to help re-build the decimated Sri Lankan Co-operative Movement. Their £75,000 trained 45 trainers and 2000 grass roots co-operators.

We now intend to re-visit Sri Lanka to work with 40,000 women, many of whom are widowed, aged under 40 and sole providers for their families. We want to help them to overcome many of the barriers that exist by engaging them in the co-operative movement. We also want to work with young people who make up a third of all Sri Lankans in precarious work on exploitative wages. We want to show them how cooperatives can make a difference and change their lives!

Responsibility to Rochdale

Rochdale is the birthplace of co-operation but Rochdale is struggling- topping the Joseph Rowntree Foundations 2016 Index and identified as the most disadvantaged town in the UK. We want to work with the people of Rochdale to initiate a re-birth of the co-operative movement across the community.

Through a series of Heritage and arts related activities we want to develop co-operative capacity in Rochdale. We will also be working in partnership with Rochdale Council and the Workers’ Educational Association to develop a co-operative manifesto and inspire social change.

Young Co-operatives

Over 5000 young people have taken part in Young Co-operatives projects, from running Fairtrade shops to establishing community gardens. With your help, we want to inspire the next generation to take up the co-operative challenge, equipping them with practical business experience and skills to work with one another in a co-operative way. Whether it’s organising breakfast clubs at school, arranging visits from speakers or running a fashion show, each participant has an equal stake in the business and an equal opportunity to contribute to decisions.

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