At the College we research into co-operatives globally through our projects, partnerships, associates and networks. Our focus is primarily on researching co-operative education and the College’s international work – for example researching cooperative schools in the UK and the cooperative livelihoods of farmers in Malawi. However we are also involved with researchers who are looking at issues as diverse as the meaning of the ‘co-operative character’, the future of co-operative prisons and universities and how gender is represented in artefacts and publications in the National Co-operative Archive. Our research outputs range from producing practice based research reports and evaluations to co-supervising postgraduate researchers with our academic partners.

Our research is funded through grants, consultancy and bids and we work closely with a dynamic network of co-operators all over the world. We take a mixed and participatory methods approach to co-creating knowledge and believe that research should underpin and inform all that we do at the College. Our aim is not only to capture research evidence to show the positive difference co-operatives make to building a better world, but also to foster and participate in research which is underpinned by critical inquiry. We want our case for a co-operative world to be robust and compelling to co-operators and non-co-operators alike.